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Does the US Constitution Protect Cryptocurrency Through ‘Freedom of the Press’?
If Bitcoin was published as an economic newspaper, like the Financial Times, its blockchain would be constitutionally protected. So, what's the problem?
Goodomy’s Segue Into the Consumer Retail Market
We've always been a consumer-facing project. Today, we announce plans to leverage our user base in the best way we[...]
Where Goodomy Goes From Here
Our path to success has, unfortunately, met the realities of the crypto industry.As we've talked about on our subreddit, crypto[...]
Crypto’s Big Money Takeover And The Goodomy Solution
A few hundred year ago, the Dutch called Wall Street 'de Waalstraat' for the wall that was built there to[...]
Using Goodomy’s ‘Two-Way Incentives’ to Increase Your Retail Sales
Imagine a powerful incentive program for your business that works both ways: you give your customers an incentive to purchase,[...]
How Can Goodomy Control Inflation Better than the Federal Reserve?
Goodomy is unique in the way that it allows users some control over inflation using simple mechanisms. Like the Federal[...]
Goodomy’s Core Strategy: The ‘Retaildollar’
The strength of the US dollar is in its petrodollar status. The strength of the Goodomy dollar will be its[...]
Goodomy Represents the Future Of Payments
Goodomy has exclusive rights to the future of payments: duplex currency transactions. Using this method, we have stumbled into a[...]
Goodomy – How Goodomy is Like Rockefeller’s Standard Oil
GOOD tokens can be refined into something far more valuable to millions of potential end users: cash flow. This isn't just[...]
Goodomy – Introducing Fiat Mining
Today we unveil how our exclusive Fiat Mining (FIMI) process works to benefit consumers and small businesses.The introduction of FIMI[...]
It Begins!
We've spent quite a while putting together the foundation for Goodomy's future, in crypto-time at least. And now it's finally[...]

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