The New Goodomy App

Aug 15

The latest chapter of the Goodomy saga has been written, and it smells kinda sweet.

We're mostly happy to report that we've completed stuff, and the result is the latest version of the Goodomy app for Android. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store here. The package name is still the old 'Shopomy' name, but nobody cares anyway so it doesn't matter.

This version (not v3 but v0.9.3., because why not?) introduces instant messaging, which will make the 'social exchange' concept of Goodomy a reality once we're able to get the integrated wallet going.

We've completed this version with the same freedom that other unfunded projects have, without the bells and whistles that the gen-crypto crowd so desperately needs to get them FOMO-ing at the mouth like a dog in heat.

Anyway, we'll begin work on the next phase when we're feeling up to it, or somebody funds the project with a couple of million Mickey Mouse dollars, whichever comes first.

The next version will be more interesting and useful, as users will be able to send GOOD tokens to each other for a reason. Ethereum fees still suck, so we're not too excited about users spending $5 just to send $0.05. Still awaiting the Fantom of the Opera to do its thing. For the price of 1 transaction on Ethereum we could get over 1,000,000 on Fantom.

So.. yeah.