The Two Sides of Fiat Mining

Jun 17

This post will briefly explain how the Fiat Mining model is being implemented in two different financial technologies.

Fiat mining is a blockchain-based force multiplier for fiat currency. It is designed to work within existing laws to, basically, put more money in your pocket. There are two aspects to it: the more general, financial aspect (patent-pending) and the blockchain-dependent aspect (open-source).

Goodomy will have a perpetual license to the patent-pending 'Infinite Coin Repurchase' methodology, while the mostly blockchain-reliant ITO offering will be open-source and available for anyone to use.

ITOs are designed to be a substantial improvement over the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) model, as well as work within existing US SEC regulations. This means that it is possible that average American citizens may be able to participate in ITOs, unlike current ICO limitations. This could be huge for the crypto industry as a whole, and a big leap forward for Goodomy's community.