Goodomy v4: Instant Messaging + Wallet + Social Exchange

May 11

Version 4 of the Goodomy app is a step forward into the future of the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Leveraging our unique social exchange concept on a platform of social networking opens up endless possibilities.

By combining our successful Goodomy social exchange features released in v2 with the upcoming social networking and cryptocurrency features, we aim to be the platform for mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

More than just messaging+crypto app like Kin, or possibly Facebook, the new Goodomy app will utilize an important, patent-pending feature that no other app will be able to make use of.

In addition, the new Goodomy app will offer users:

A Wallet
Goodomy users will be able to securely access their blockchain-based wallet directly from the app itself and send Goodomy directly to other users. Users will have complete access to their wallet (similar to with Bitcoin).

This is something we did not pursue previously, due to unclear US government regulations regarding blockchain-based wallets. However, with recent guidance, we can be certain that - with the way our wallet function will be structured - we cannot be classified as a 'money transmitting' service.. 

Social Networking
Users will have the ability to create and view social profiles and add their friends to their network. A 'global' feature will allow them to follow other users who are outside of their personal network and interact with their posts in unique and engaging ways.

Instant Messaging
Messaging on Goodomy will work differently than other apps. In addition to the usual messages and media, users will be able to send all kinds of value to their contacts.

Send/Request Any Cryptocurrency
Goodomy won't just work with GOOD, but will be able to be used with any cryptocurrency.

Media Gallery
Check images and videos that you've sent or received from the new media gallery.

Special Features
In order to keep our competitive advantage during planning and development, certain core features will only be revealed closer to release.

Our patent-pending, transaction-based features found in v1 will be extended in unique and exciting ways for upcoming released.