Goodomy Token Swap, and Supply Reduction (including OTOL)

May 02

Along with the release of Goodomy v3, we will be changing blockchains and performing a token swap.

We've been considering a more robust home for the Goodomy token for a while and have spent the past few weeks researching the most viable options as we begin development for v3. This change will, of course, require a token swap. It's also the perfect opportunity to perform a token split.

Our current supply is 888 million tokens. This will be reduced to 22.2 million tokens, making for a 40:1 swap. That means if you currently have 240,000 GOOD tokens you will receive 6,000 of the new tokens.

Additionally, OTOL's supply will be reduced from 24.2 billion to 24.2 million. This 1000:1 reduction will apply across the board, and your percentage of total supply will not change.