Where Goodomy Goes From Here

Feb 22

Our path to success has, unfortunately, met the realities of the crypto industry.

As we've talked about on our subreddit, crypto is plagued with all manner of corruption and scams galore. People talk about contentious forks, but don't mention that crypto is itself a contention between banks/finance, criminals, and the real crypto community. Real users are competing with big money's market manipulation, advanced AI and other types of bots that infest communities and crypto exchanges, media domination (including the popular subreddits, blogs, news sites), and psychological tactics honed over decades doing the same thing in equities markets.

This is not a game for the meek, nor for the foolish. The days of real, homegrown cryptos growing their market value to reach a top 30 position have long passed. That any coin can do it today is a well-crafted illusion designed to siphon money from the average crypto enthusiast, just as everyday investors dumped their hard-earned money into stocks during the 90s Dot-Com Bubble.

Where does this leave Goodomy? We're the only coin taking advantage of a vast network and infrastructure already in place (the US dollar) rather than being one of hundreds of cryptos wasting billions of dollars in investor funds building networks that will never be used. But without being one of the 'chosen ones' in crypto, Goodomy will not find a pathway to the top.

That is why over the coming months we will be looking to form partnerships with banking and telecommunications firms in crypto-friendly nations (e.g., Japan, Thailand, South Korea) who have the networks and resources to bring Goodomy to its full potential.

A telecommunications company, for example, could provide a set number of Goodomy for each user on its network to buy and sell goods and services, exchange with other users via text messages, and much more. Goodomy can also be used as an incentive for users to sign up to their network.​

A bank could provide its customers with a set amount of Goodomy for every unit of local currency deposited into their accounts, and allow users to get special discounts at merchants on its credit card payment network.

Although we would much rather partner with smaller retail companies around the world rather than the big money, it is big money that can better understand the real value of Goodomy and take it where it needs to go. Big money in a smaller market could be a reasonable compromise.

We will be updating our progress in this regard in this blog (after new developments have taken place).