How Goodomy Is Like

Rockefeller's Standard Oil

Jun 22

GOOD tokens can be refined into something far more valuable to millions of potential end users: cash flow. This isn't just cash flow for businesses, but everyday people having more cash in their pockets from the savings they will realize when they use the platform. This is similar to how Standard Oil refined crude oil into something that was more useful to everyone.

In this analogy, although the 'crude oil' of Ethereum tokens could be used as kerosene for a large number of lamps around the world, it isn't where the greatest overall benefit is.

Goodomy has the potential to refine Ethereum into cash flow for its users through its exclusive Fiat Mining (FIMI) technology.

Similar to how gasoline was discarded at first because refineries saw no value in it, the cryptocurrency industry as a whole will likely not see the value of FIMI until it's too late for them. We believe that the future of cryptocurrency isn't the 'kerosene' of tokens at all, but the 'gas' that it can become when refined.

With FIMI it is possible for a business to sell a product at a 99% discount to consumers and still make money. Goodomy is the ultimate competitive advantage for businesses, and the ultimate savings mechanism for consumers.