It Begins!

Apr 23

We've spent quite a while putting together the foundation for Goodomy's future, in crypto-time at least. And now it's finally here.

We began the Goodomy project (officially) in June of 2017 and have come a long way since then. We've been mostly in stealth mode to protect our competitive advantage, as we are the first in the 'fiat mining' space. We believe that this is the evolution of retail.

Globalization brings down prices to the detriment of small businesses. Why should someone buy an item for $70 from a store in their area or on small online retailer's website when they can get it on Amazon or at WalMart for $50?

'Goodimization' has the potential to level the playing field considerably by allowing small businesses to offer discounts without losing profits. It does this with its unique Fiat Mining process that allows any small business to not only reward customers with virtual currency, but to accept rewards from customers for offering their items on sale. Using this process via our Goodomy app, both online and offline stores can offer even more competitive pricing than the biggest online or offline stores, all without interruption to the normal retail process. Even Amazon sellers can use Goodomy to potentially sell more than they would have without it.

If you thought globalization brought down consumer prices, wait until you see what we have in store!