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key features

Free Transactions

All transactions on Goodomy are 100% free for buyers, sellers, and everyone!


Get 20-99% off products and services at e-commerce websites and local stores, made possible by a new concept called 'Fiat Mining'.

Social shopping

View content from our community, get real answers.

Save Money

Every product and service listed is discounted at least 20%.. Save money on electronics, clothes,, everything online and offline!

open listings

We're a platform that allows the best online and offline sellers to post their own products. We don't lock you into our own products!

more liquidity

Own a small business? Increase your liquidity by accepting Goodomy in 2 easy steps! For online and offline stores.

How To Get More Goodomy Dollars Into Your Account

When you register your free account you'll get $20.00 in your account to start with. You can get more by buying bonus items in order to get sale items 20-99% off. You can also get rewards for doing things that help the Goodomy network such as referring others ($20.00 each), performing your 5th unique transaction at a local store ($48.50) and more.

If you're familiar with Ethereum cryptocurrency tokens, you can exchange Goodomy tokens for Goodomy dollars in your account. Just go to the 'My Account' section of the app and click on 'Top Up' then 'Send via Ethereum' and follow the instructions.

Exchange Rates

November, 2018: 1 token = GOOD $1.27

December, 2018: 1 token = GOOD $1.25

January, 2019: 1 token = GOOD $TBA

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