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What Makes Goodomy Social Exchange so awesome?

Save Time

People often flake out on meetups. That's life. But Goodomy users put their money where their mouth is and respect your busy schedule.

Save money

Use your free Goodomy dollars to help you pay for experiences, lessons, services, and more. Get more Goodomy by referring friends!

Make money

Earn real cash by following these three simple steps. Then make even more Goodomy by getting others to create a few local listings wherever they are.

Free Transactions

Transactions on Goodomy are 100% free for everyone. When you send someone $10 they get $10. When you offer something for $500 that means 100% goes to you with no fees. 


View local listings from users in your city, or browse international listings from users who prefer to get in touch online through a messenger app, Skype,, email, over the phone, etc.


Other users only know what you decide to tell them. Your name, phone number, or other information is never revealed to others. Also, we never share or sell your info with third-parties

How To Get More Goodomy Into Your Account

When you register your free account you'll get $20.00 $100.00 (for a limited time) to start with to try it out. You'll get more when you buy bonus items from other users. (They'll get 100% of the purchase price and thank you by rewarding you with some Goodomy dollars.) You'll also get Goodomy when you refer other users, complete your 5th unique local transaction, and more.

To get Goodomy directly, just go to the 'My Account' section of the app and click on 'Top Up' to see the options. Note any price differences from the various methods of obtaining Goodomy. Once purchased, Goodomy will show up in your account instantly.

To obtain Goodomy from a third-party cryptocurrency exchange, you can use Bitcoin (GOOD/BTC) or Ethereum (GOOD/ETH). Click 'Send via Ethereum' and follow the instructions. Exchange rates are shown in the box on the right. Token information can be found here.

May 2019 Token Exchange Rate

1 token = GOOD $1.00

Brought To You By The Creator Of The First ICO And A $200 Billion Industry

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