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In 2 Simple Steps.


Increase Your Cash Flow in 2 Simple Steps
By Adding Your Discount Codes to Our System. For FREE.

example (works with every currency):

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    Step 1: Sell a $100 Item at 30% off and Get $70 in Cash and $30 in Goodomy from the customer
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    Step 2: Use Your $30 in Goodomy as an Incentive for Other Customers to Purchase Another Item

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every platform and website supported

If your products have URLs you can use Goodomy!

how Fiat mining works

Step 1: Fuel up!

Fill up with Goodomy by offering any of your store items at a 20% discount or more. Customers will pay for your item in cash plus the value of the discount in Goodomy dollars. Click the green '+' icon in the app to get started.

Be sure to create discount codes in your store settings for Goodomy users. Here's how to do it on your Amazon store, ebay storeetsyWooCommerce, Magentowith Square, Shopify, Quickbooks POS, and OpenCart. Then, paste the code at the beginning of your product descriptions.

For a $100 item at a 20% discount the customer will pay you $80 directly. An additional $20 in Goodomy is then transferred to your Goodomy account.

Step 2: CASH Out

The last step in the Fiat Mining process is to provide incentives for customers to purchase your regularly-priced items. These incentives are handled automatically by the system.

For a $100 item with a 20% bonus, the customer pays you $100 directly and $20 in Goodomy is transferred to the customer's Goodomy account.

make more money with goodomy (An Example)

How To Get More Goodomy Dollars Into Your Account

When you register your free account you'll get $20.00 in your account to start with. You will get Goodomy each time some purchases one of your Sale items. You can also get rewards for doing things that help the Goodomy network such as referring others, getting likes on your posts, and more.

If you're familiar with Ethereum cryptocurrency tokens, you can exchange Goodomy tokens for Goodomy dollars in your account. Just go to the 'My Account' section of the app and click on 'Top Up' then 'Send via Ethereum' and follow the instructions.

Current Exchange Rate

1 token = GOOD $1.25

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*Note: The above examples are for illustration purposes only and are not meant to provide you with revenue or profit expectations.