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Using Goodomy’s ‘Two-Way Incentives’ to Increase Your Retail Sales
Imagine a powerful incentive program for your business that works both ways: you give your customers an incentive to purchase,[...]
How Can Goodomy Control Inflation Better than the Federal Reserve?
Goodomy is unique in the way that it allows users some control over inflation using simple mechanisms. Like the Federal[...]
Goodomy’s Core Strategy: The ‘Retaildollar’
The strength of the US dollar is in its petrodollar status. The strength of the Goodomy dollar will be its[...]
Goodomy Represents the Future Of Payments
Goodomy has exclusive rights to the future of payments: duplex currency transactions. Using this method, we have stumbled into a[...]
Goodomy – How Goodomy is Like Rockefeller’s Standard Oil
GOOD tokens can be refined into something far more valuable to millions of potential end users: cash flow. This isn't just[...]
Goodomy – Introducing Fiat Mining
Today we unveil how our exclusive Fiat Mining (FIMI) process works to benefit consumers and small businesses.The introduction of FIMI[...]
It Begins!
We've spent quite a while putting together the foundation for Goodomy's future, in crypto-time at least. And now it's finally[...]

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