Goodomy Represents the Future Of Payments

Sep 02

Goodomy has exclusive rights to the future of payments: duplex currency transactions. Using this method, we have stumbled into a way that we could compete with some of the largest names in retail with the smallest amount of capital.

Duplex currency transactions use fiat and digital currency together in a single transaction. It can allow a business to profit from what a customer saved when they bought their product. With a duplex currency transaction (part of the Fiat Mining process) it is possible for a business to do what was previously only possible with returning customers: offer customers a discount of up to 99% and turn it into a profit.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seek to replace fiat currencies. This not only puts them in murky legal waters but makes it difficult for mass adoption to occur. (How many shops actually accept Bitcoin after nearly 10 years of its existence?)

Duplex currency transactions are legal, as Goodomy dollars represent value that doesn't exist. A buyer doesn't use Goodomy dollars to exchange for something else, but uses it to reward the seller for discounting its fiat price. They buyer pays with both fiat and Goodomy. The amount of Goodomy they use in the transaction represents the value of the discount the seller offered. The duplex nature of every retail transaction also helps to minimize inflation, as the utility of a Goodomy dollar is tied to the value of the product or service being used with it.

Duplex currency transactions could allow Amazon's profit margins to increase substantially. Through the magic of Fiat Mining they could offer a reward with some products that can be used to purchase other products up to 99% off.

It would also allow them to offer a wider variety of products. Consumers would want to shift as much of their everyday purchases to Amazon as they could in order to obtain the rewards that can be used for discounts on other stuff at Amazon, or even other retailers. Did you spend $450 this month at Whole Foods? Now you can get $450 off a new laptop on Amazon. Retailers who don't implement Fiat Mining simply wouldn't be able to compete with a method that allows consumers to, essentially, turn $1.00 into as much as $1.99.

There's only one problem with Amazon using FIMI. They would first need to obtain the rights from Goodomy to use it. But that's not the best part.

FIMI benefits both businesses and consumers. Businesses get consumers to 'mine' for fiat currencyand consumers end up saving lots of money. But in order to make these wheels turn businesses will need to obtain more Goodomy dollars. This can be done by either offering bigger discounts to consumers (increasing their 'hashing' power in FIMI), or by obtaining GOOD tokens from the marketplace.

Once the business has used a GOOD token to obtain Goodomy dollars, the same token can be offered again and again to other businesses. This inexhaustible supply of capital could potentially allow Goodomy to scale much faster than Amazon ever could. Powering just 0.01% of the global retail market could represent $3 billion or more a year in capital for expansion. Powering 1% could give us as much as $300 billion a year in leg room.

What's better than 'one-click'? An unlimited number of clicks.

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