The Digital Currency for Endless Consumer Rewards

Goodomy (formerly Good Karma) is a digital currency for consumer rewards. When you buy goods and services, you can be rewarded with Goodomy (ticker symbol: GOOD).

Coming in 2018!

Why Ethereum? Why Not Bitcoin?

The Goodomy currency is represented by the Goodomy token, a permanent and open-source contract on the Ethereum network (under the permanent, 'Good Karma' name). Ethereum is the world's first distributed computer built from technologies and concepts originally pioneered in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on similar technologies such as "blockchain" and peer-to-peer networking, but different in very important ways. Although they are both publicly distributed ledgers kept secure with cryptography, Bitcoin uses its ledger to keep a record of transactions between two parties using its digital currency whereas Ethereum uses its ledger as a type of distributed computer. In that way, the purpose of Bitcoin-the-network is to keep track of bitcoin-the-currency, whereas the purpose of Ethereum is to facilitate just about any type of application (called contracts) that can run everywhere on the network. Bitcoin is also very slow. A single transaction on the Bitcoin network could take several hours to clear (with 1-2 days not uncommon) and is prohibitively expensive. On the Ethereum blockchain transactions typically take 15 seconds or less are are much cheaper to process. Bitcoin is like the 'gold standard' of cryptocurrency, while Ethereum is the currency that is much more mobile and useful, like paper currency.


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