GOODOMY IS A new kind of MONEY

Consumers Get 20-100% Off Everything

Our revolutionary business model allows consumers to get up to a 100% discount when they make a purchase using Goodomy.

Evenly Distributed Authority

Control over the economy is distributed among the general population, into the hands of people like you.

Stability and Increasing Value

The more people that join the network the more stable our economy becomes and the more buying power you have.

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Our Evolutionary New App Launches in May 2018!

shopomy key features

Free Transactions

All transactions on Shopomy are 100% free for both buyer and seller.


Get Goodomy in seconds at trusted retail locations around the world. No need to waste time fussing with unknown exchanges.

Local and Social

Share deals and hot finds with others as you shop by snapping pictures or quick 1-minute videos. Give and receive tips in GOOD!

Save Money

Every product and service listed on Shopomy is discounted at least 20%.. Save money on clothes, groceries, haircuts.. everything!

Post Easily

Create new listings in under a minute. Easily add images or video.

more liquidity

Own a business? Increase your liquidity by accepting Goodomy in 3 easy steps!

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Token Info

Roadmap and 'video whitepaper'

Check out the Goodomy project plan for 2018

An explanation of Goodomy from founder Antoine Sorel Néron
Head of Goodomy development and creator of the frst true ICO