Goodomy is Amazon for physical retail stores –

a $30 trillion market – powered by digital currency.

"What if you took the outrageously successful Amazon business model, 
removed the need for warehousing and logistics, opened it up to a consumer market nearly 15x bigger, made it mobile and local, and attached it to a blockchain?"

Tony ("Kosmost") Sorel, founder and lead of Goodomy and inventor of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)


700,000 brick-and-mortar retail stores in the US and millions more around the world face increasing competition from their more efficient online counterparts, affecting their bottom line.


Goodomy, the digital currency for consumer purchases, provides a way for shops to easily integrate blockchain technology into their existing retail workflow and operational processes, via the free Shopomy platform. Our unique implementation will allow brick-and-mortar shops to substantially increase liquidity and compete on a far more level playing field.

Market Size

The global consumer retail market is projected to reach nearly $30 trillion USD in sales for 2017. By comparison, online retail sales may reach $2 trillion USD, less than 7% of its size.


The Goodomy token (GOOD) can be used by both consumers and businesses, providing unique multi-party benefits. Other types of services are also being designed where the general population can make use of their Goodomy tokens.


Network Benefits

When the Goodomy blockchain becomes a part of everyday local economic and social processes, the effect is a truly democratized, decentralized blockchain that the average person can easily understand and transact with. This will increase the value of the Goodomy blockchain substantially, via network effects, while making the blockchain process more accessible to everyone.

While regular cryptocurrency mining consolidates authority over the blockchain into the hands of the top mining pools or coin-holders, Goodomy seeks to distribute authority over the blockchain among the general population through consumer activity. The value extracted from these real-world peer-to-peer transactions can then be indelibly recorded onto the Goodomy blockchain.


Goodomy is the cryptocurrency of choice for consumers around the world, for its ease of use as well as benefits received from performing transactions with it.


The easier something is to use for more people the more easily the rate of adoption can increase. The more people that use Goodomy the more valuable the network becomes.

Platform Launch

Shopomy services are scheduled to launch Q1 2018.

Where to Obtain GOOD BTC/GOOD, ETH/GOOD, and DOGE/GOOD markets

IDEX (decentralized Ethereum token exchange) ETH/GOOD market

Put Some GOOD In Your Wallet

Once you have some GOOD you will want to take them off of the exchange for safety and attach them to a digital wallet by following the instructions below.

(Or, if you're just looking for an easy way to see your balance just register for a free account at Coinbooks then 1) enter your address ID in the 'Accounts' section, and; 2) enter the contract ID on the right side of this page in the 'Token' section.)

Already Know How To 'Follow' Contracts From Your Wallet? Just Add The Following Contract ID:


Decimals: 6

Please note that you are responsible for your own actions. The following is for your reference only.


Download Eidoo

  • Download an Ethereum wallet for your mobile device from Eidoo.

Send Your Tokens to Your Ethereum Address

  • Click on the QR code icon on the main screen (at top)
  • Note your wallet address. (If you cannot copy it just click the 'Share' icon and send it to yourself by email.)
  • From the exchange where you got the tokens you can 'Withdraw' the tokens to your new wallet address. Try to send just a couple of GOOD first to test it. Receiving should take no more than a couple of minutes. Note that the token will show up as "Good Karma", Goodomy's token contract name.

That's it!

Check Your Balance

It is important to note that no coins are actually stored inside of your wallet. Your coins exist on the public, distributed ledger (blockchain) to make it very secure. Your wallet only provides you with permissions to modify your part of the ledger (and send tokens to somewhere else, for example).

To check your balance, click here and search for your wallet address. You'll see a section for "Token Transfers". Click on it to see the tokens that were transferred to you.

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